2013 Dumpster Day
Saturday March 9, 2013

Spring is right around the corner and it's time to start trimming the shrubs, digging through the attic and garage and removing the clothing draped over the stationary bicycle. That's right, sort it out and get it out of your life. The City's Garage Sale Weekend is March 2nd & 3rd and for whatever you can't sell WSNA's annual Dumpster Day on Saturday, March 9th can help. The locations and dumpster monitors are:

1. 1122 N. Freeman St. - Maco Long
2. 1501 N. Rosewood St. - Josie Martinez
3. 919 N. Louise St. - Bobi Keenan
4. 1108 N. Baker St. – Richard Evans
5. 1006 N. Lowell St. – Jeorge and Ashley Garcia


Waste Management delivers the dumpsters around 8AM, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. Some years they fill up very quickly so make it a point to get up early if you have a lot to dispose of. Don't wait until Saturday to start trimming your trees. You might find the dumpsters full if you show up at 11:00 with a truckload of trimmings. Also if you have concrete or heavy material to dispose of, get there early as it has to go at the bottom of the dumpsters. You'll get a flyer in the mail to remind you or download it here. If you need more information, here's the guidlines for dumpster monitors with hazardous waste info. Remember it would cost hundreds of dollars to order your own dumpster and the City and WSNA brings them to you at no cost every year. The monitors are all volunteers so take them a donut or help sweep up after the dumpsters leave. Here are some pictures from 2012

A big first last year was eWaste disposal. Neo Recycling is helping us out again this year with a bin at each location for your eWaste. That's televisions, computers, computer monitors, personal electronic devices, laptops, hard drives, keyboards, printers, power tools, cell phones, copiers, fax machines, microwaves, electric heaters, electric fans, telephones, cables & wire, vcr's, video cameras, rechargable batteries, car batteries, etc. "If it has a cord or batteries, they take it"

Your eWaste will be responsibly recycled instead of ending up in a landfill. Also any computers and hard drives you dispose of will be destroyed, protecting your personal data.