2015 WSNA Membership

It's that time of the year to renew your WSNA membership. In 2014, a record number of Washington Square households were members. In 2015 let's get that number closer to 100%!!! The association works very hard to keep the neighborhood clean, get involved with city issues and create fun events. We keep you informed with the quarterly newsletter, flyers and this website. The board members are all volunteers but we need your support every year to fund the activities, events and neighborhood improvement projects. Take a moment to send in your check today. You'll be recognized here on the website and in upcoming newsletters.
The membership levels are:

  • Grand PoohBah Sponsor $500 or more
  • PoohBah Sponsor $200 or more
  • VIP Sponsor $100 or more
  • Sponsor $75 or more
  • Patron $50
  • Household $20
  • Senior (62 and above) $15

The categories are cumulitive for the year so if you're a Household member and donate another $30 you will become a Patron Member.

Now you can pay for your WSNA membership with your credit or debit card! Just click on the Pay Now button and fill in the info. It's through PayPal so it's secure, your card info is never sent to WSNA. You can include comments and volunteer to help with neighborhood events on the form. Just click Add below your name and address where it says: "Comments or help Add" Use that to tell us how you want your membership name to appear. ie Juan & Joan Householder. You don't need to have a PayPal account to use this service, just click Continue on the left of the PayPal page, rather than setting up an account or logging in. You can even donate larger amounts if you desire.

Membership Options

Or you can download and fill out the WSNA Membership Application here. We'd like your email address to be able to send updates and we'd like any comments or concerns you have about the neighborhood and what you'd like to see WSNA focus it's efforts on. We'd really like to get more members involved in the events and planning this year. Please let us know you'd be willing to help. Send the form and your check to:

WSNA Membership
P.O. Box 4435
Santa Ana, CA 92702-4435

We value your input and feedback on the WSNA events and our neighborhood. Let us know what you'd like us to focus on in 2015. Fill out the form here and submit or send an email to feedback@washington-square.org.

Your neighbors thank you in advance for your support. Be patient, member information is updated as often as possible. You can view the 2014 Membership Roster Here


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2015 WSNA Membership Roster

VIP Sponsor Members:

Jorge Garcia
Tom & Nancy Lutz
Paul & Kimberly Lyons
Jeff Qualey
Randall & Tracy Simons
Michelle & Bruce Weiler
Lori Whalen


Sponsor Members:

Nicole & Mike Vermillion

Patron Members:

Ryan Adams
Andrea & Fred Astran
Wendy & Kathleen Boelter / Frailey
Keren Clark
Geoff & Lydia Eden
Victor & Lubna Gomez /Debbini
Jennifer Leon
Armando Ramirez
Sylvia Salenius
Brett & Blaire Sternad

Household Members:

Leslie Andrew
Mark Buche
Doug & Linda Burt
Jolie Clemens
Delilah Cortez
Rikki & Cliff Cox
Michael & Autumn Di Peppino
Suzi Furjanic
Adriane Givant
Brendan Kane
Mai Le
Joselyn & Rolando Mahipus
Pete & Connie Major
Trinidad Martinez
T.A. & T.J. Miller
David O’Reilly
Radek Paces
Vicente Ponce
Erica Quintana
Gary & Maureen Sharpe
Samantha Singer
January Smith
Frank & Delia Soto
Ivana & Oldrich Unger
Melisa Vega
Kim & Aaron Williams / Strand

Senior Members:

Grace & Joe Alcaraz
Verna Corum
David Cox
Patricia de Felice
Catherine Marks
Victoria Santiago
Richard Serrato

Washington Square Neighborhood Association 2015 Membership

The 2015 Membership Drive is on now! If there are any mistakes in the listings, please report them to webmaster@Washington-square.org (If you sent your check in recently, it may not have been deposited or entered yet, remember we're all volunteers) Current as of 3/30/2015